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December 2017

5 rules for creating great content

Dec 7, 2017 5:00 PM
Roger Pierce

Get your content noticed by following these rules

It’s a crowded content world out there as billions of blogs and websites compete for online visitors.

People glance at content for a few milliseconds to decide whether or not to invest their time on it. And that makes it even more important to get your content right. Otherwise, a visitor will simply click away to something more interesting.

You can engage your audience by sticking to these content rules.

Rule # 1: Make the advice in your content very easy to apply

People want content that is helpful and easy to apply. They don’t want complicated advice that will take forever to implement.

  • A landscaper can make a video offering simple gardening tips.
  • A writer can list 10 tips for writing a great article.
  • A grocer can publish 5 easy recipes for families on a budget.

Be helpful by presenting expert advice or insightful information that your audience can apply right away.

Rule # 2: The content must be efficient

People want to consume your helpful content in the shortest amount of time possible. So make your content easy to digest by using an efficient format.

Think like former talk show host David Letterman and deliver your advice or tips in a ‘Top 10’ format. For written content, organize your tips or advice in bullet points, a numbered list or checkmarks. Video and infographics can be done in a list style as well.

Make it short and sweet – less than 5 minutes to read an article or infographic, and less than 2 minutes to consume a video.

Rule # 3: Content should be relevant to the viewer

Your content should be designed to please the people who will be consuming it. Sounds obvious, but sometimes content creators get off-track by creating content that doesn’t appeal to their target market.

Small business owners, for example, want to know how to save money or increase sales – so give them tips on those subjects. Dog owners want to know how to keep their pet healthy. Vacationers are interested in great deals on get-a-ways.

Rule # 4: Be an authority

Make your content more credible by providing some information on the person who created it.

After the headline, people scan content for an author bio to see if the person who presented the content is someone worth listening to.

Share a bit of your background and the work you’ve done. Insert your name in the author byline. Include an image to prove you’re a real person. Offer a link to your LinkedIn profile or website so people can check you out.

Rule # 5: Publish regularly

Present your blog article, newsletter, video, podcast, infographic or slides on a regular basis so you will build an audience.

People will come to expect your next publication – like they anticipate the arrival of their favourite magazine or newspaper – on a certain day. To make sure you stick to your publishing schedule and don’t disappoint your audience, develop or acquire an inventory of content that’s ready to release.

Helpful, insightful content builds trust and will give you the opportunity to start a conversation with prospects and customers. Great content will make people interested in what your business does and should lead them to your website where the selling process begins.





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