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Kumo Displays

Our fabric is the basis of everything we do. It’s made from post-consumer recycled material – essentially pop bottles. The patented fabric is made from antimony-free polyester, a cleaner, safer technology because it contains no heavy metals. We incorporate sustainable product design and manufacturing processes using the principles of MBDC. Our Polyester fabrics are MBDC Cradle to CradleTM gold (unlike vinyl banners) meaning that there are no harmful by-products created when the fabric is recycled. They qualify for LEED credits.

But the fabric had to be more than simply eco-friendly, it had to work. We’ve spent over two years refining and testing substrates to ensure consistent color reproduction and color fastness. And we believe we’ve succeeded. Our fabrics also meet the most stringent fire ratings worldwide.

We use environmentally friendly dye chemistry free of harsh solvents so there’s no need for respirators or complex ventilation systems. Our dye sublimation printing process is water-based and emits no VOC’s. All materials from fabric to metal to wood pallets are recycled. The resulting image quality is second to none and our proprietary Image DNA color profiling system means an exact color match every time - we guarantee it.


Eco-Friendly Point of Sale

Printed on certified eco-cotton with water-soluble, non-solvent inks.  Client – Levi Strauss & Co. Canada, Richmond Hill, ON


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49 Bentley Street
Markham, ON • L3R 3L1

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